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"Draw" It again

Discussion in 'Digital Art' started by Hope, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Another remake of an old thread. Take an old tag or banner you've made and try to remake it to see if you've improved at all.

    Made in 2009. Back then I really didn't get how to do much of anything. I basically just took a render, put it on a background which was just an existing Namine' banner, and raised the saturation and exposure so high you can barely see any details. Oh and I put stickers on it because photobucket. :rolleyes:
    I think this one was made in 2014. Honestly I still didn't understand layering or blending. I basically did the same thing where I stuck a render onto a background and tried to extend the effect a little to cross over in front of the render. I think I was mostly trying to get the hang of blending. Either way it's not much of an improvement.
    Also in 2014. I used the banner from the previous attempt to try to use it to create an effect rather than making it a main subject of the image. I tried to use the lighting to help blend the render a bit but looking back, I can still see where it didn't work as well. Still as far as everything goes, I can tell it's an improvement. I'll be attempting to work with this render again soon.
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  2. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    The last one is pretty. I like the colors and the rounded edges, and the signature has more flow to it when compared to the second one. Both of the later two are a huge improvement over the first one- there's better render placement and more detail to the backgrounds. You're right about the blending, but the only spot that draws my eye on the third signature is along the edge of Namine's hair to the left of her head, so I'd say you did a pretty good job. I'd like to see what you come up with if you make a fourth attempt with this stock.

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