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Desired Ending

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Derek, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    This probably belongs in KH3 buuuuttttt eh it's technically the future of KH too soooo *shrugs*

    What ending do you want in KH3?
  2. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    Welp since no one else will;

    That's just one old idea. I had one for a "soft reboot" as well but I kinda like a total change better. That's likely just me though. :3
  3. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    I don't have many specifics. I'd like to see some closure for the main characters. I'd like to see questions answered, as much as possible. I'm not too picky on how that happens.

    To address one of your ideas:
    Ugh, I hate this. Even though an ending of this sort is probably likely, to me it feels way too saccharine. I'd prefer a more bittersweet ending where not everything is perfect at the end. But Disney might want their happily ever after.
  4. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    lmao I won't lie. I only added that to my ending because I know it's something other fans would bitch about.

    I could honestly for a reboot without so much trouble but I was thinking "what's the smoothest way to close this?" and it came from the line of thought. I mean every ending so far has been bittersweet or sad except for maybe KH2 soooooo I figured it'd be the best way to wrap up that kinda mess. It can't all be bittersweet.

    Resolved how though? You said you prefer bittersweet so how would you resolve that in a bittersweet way?
  5. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    I don't need everyone and their mother coming back and living it up in the ending. Characters like Roxas and Namine, why do we need them back? When there's an ending that happy, then I feel like the struggles leading up to it aren't even worth it for the gamer. Like, Sora, Riku, and Kairi hanging out on Destiny Islands- that's what they were doing when the series started, so what's changed? *shrugs* I'm probably not explaining my thought process very well. Oh well. I don't know how I would end the series because I haven't followed the stories in recent years.

    Trolling, eh? Lol.
  6. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    Haha oh no your thought process I understand perfectly well. I've just crossed that bridge so long ago I'm numb. I've kept up with the other stories and they all relied on poor character writing, melodrama and repetition so you can imagine out of a 9+ game series with only one having a happy ending what'd that do to someone....well probably not. In hindsight most fans eat that stuff up....for some reason....

    I have seen a lot of similar ideas though when it comes to everyone coming back. I'm personally not very happy about it myself since once you treat death as something that's "fixable" then it's no longer death. It's just Dragonball Z....or lots of other shounen or hell even Sailor Moon. Granted I loved a lot of those as a kid BUT they do things to make it enjoyable despite death being a joke.

    For Kh which has hinged SO much of itself on poorly done melodrama this death reversal feels like everything they enjoyed is not moot. An argument I can understand. Hell to a degree everything was rendered moot in DDD without anyone even really being brought back yet.

    A little yes lol. The original idea was you'd get some kinda shot everything was rebooted and that'd be it. xD
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  7. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Don't be hating! Even to this day, I still love this story, although the manga is way better than the anime, gotta say. And the manga ending at least (I never got around to watching the entirety of the final season of the anime, since it wasn't released in the US) did have a sort of bittersweet ending, despite bringing all of the dead characters back.

    Yeah, I agree. But for me more than just the annoyance of death having no meaning, I dislike the idea of the characters being unchanged from the beginning to the end. Even with what they've experienced along the way, if they're all right back where they were at the start, what was the point of them going on the journey?

    I guess it's the same sort of idea that without sadness, joy has no meaning. If all the characters get a happily ever after, it doesn't matter as much.
  8. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    I wasn't hating. It's why I specifically said that "they do things to still be enjoyable". Death is an after thought but there are still legitimate threats. Like in DBZ, near the end of the original run Majin Buu follows Goku to Otherworld which is the afterlife of Dragonball. If he had wrecked it like he was the living world it would've been irreparable damage. The dragonballs also had limits on how they could revive the dead as well.

    I hear that new anime stays true to Sailor Moons manga. Have you tried it?

    Hell one of the latest shounens, Bleach, did death okay. The story sucked by the end but even if you died or was a ghost you still had a legitimate threat of being devoured by a hollow or being dragged to hell....although Ginjo and two others somehow got by that but by that point in the story it was shit soooooooo

    That's the sad part of KH really. Few things felt like they had meaning. In Days Roxas somehow felt like he regressed as a character which actually made me not care he's gone whereas in KH2 original without Days I was curious or felt for him a bit.

    First all these characters literally died (or otherwise) for no reason only to get some magical shounen comeback in KH3. It just feels like a hollow arc as no one has really grown for it. Especially after Xehanort basically devalued the events of everything before DDD....then there's how Chi is becoming more important to Kh3 than BBS which makes that feel like "what was the point?" as well....
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  9. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    I haven't gotten into that yet. Honestly, I was a little turned off by the animation. The art just doesn't look pretty to me.

    Roxas coming back is a fuck you to fans who felt bad for him in KH II. As far as his character development goes, isn't Days a prequel? So it would make sense for him to seem to have regressed when you compare him to himself in KH II. 'Course, bad character development is bad character development.

    Ha, maybe we need an ending where Kingdom Hearts somehow wipes this entire storyline from existence. That would be a totally annoying cop out, but at least the developers would have a clean slate to try again. Probably, though, what'll happen is that everyone who doesn't yet have a keyblade will get one, and everyone will be awesome keyblade wielders for all time. The end.
  10. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    From what I've come to understand the animation was mostly fixed outside the tv airings unless you mean just how the newer animation looks in general. I myself dont like how the newer animation style of Dragonball Super looks vs the older format. They did do a REALLY good newer animation for a tv special though but you can tell it was higher budget:

    Well yes that'd be an argument if the Roxas in Days actually grew into the Roxas of KH2. However what you get out of days is basically just an angsty Jesse McCartney or a mopey Sora. Roxas' Kh2 persona is basically just due to Namine brainwashing and the memory crap due to Xion dying. It wasn't "real" essentially. =/

    That's what I'd love to see. I'd love that reboot, that's what I tried to make with an ending idea. Hell just a parallel storyline would help if it had some focus. I dont want keyblades everywhere, I want people being useful or unique for actual unique reasons like they used to be. I dont want each new game to devalue the last or for everything from browser games to concerts to be "canon"....it's just...such a mess. O-O In a way even the nobody or other enemy ideas cause more headaches than their worth...

    Like I'd be FAR more excited if they redid KH1, in the KH3 graphics, but leaving everything as is and starting a new story from that.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2016
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