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can the obvious answer be wrong?

Discussion in 'General' started by Yacob, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Yacob

    Yacob Banned

    if something is obvious? is it an absolute? or can whats obvious be wrong. for instance, if i say the obvious answer is C. and the true answer is actually B. does that mean the obvious answer was wrong or does that mean that the answer wasn't obvious?

    if i say that its obviously a trap and it turns out to be a pick nic, does that mean that the obvious trap was wrong or does that mean it wasn't obviously a trap?

    also if the obvious answer is wrong how can it be obvious.
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  2. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    I'm just going to simplify this:

    Does obvious mean most likely to be the case or does it mean that it's 100% without a doubt going to be the case?

    If you think something is obvious, that doesn't mean that it is right or going to happen.

    For example: If I say, it is obvious that he will fall. Does that mean that he will fall? No. If I said it is obviously a trap? Does that mean it is actually a trap. No. If I say, the obvious answer is c. Does that mean that I'll get it right on a test? No. If I said there's obviously a storm coming? Does that mean that a storm will come? No. If I said, she is obviously drunk. Does that mean she is drunk? No. Obvious does not mean right. It means highly probable. Why are you trying to deny that with so many examples that prove my case?

    Just because you think something is obvious doesn't make you right. What is obvious to one person may not be obvious to another. Completely subjective.
  3. Yacob

    Yacob Banned

    whats obvious isn't subjective, its either obvious or not. you might THINK its obvious but that's you. YOU are wrong. whats obvious is not wrong or else its not obvious. if you THINK its obvious, its not obvious not unless you KNOW its obvious.
    if obvious means its easily understood and you only THINK its obvious then you don't easily understand it, its a bit too complicated for you. so you are wrong, its not obvious.

    and just because what obvious to me about these game is not obvious to you doesn't make anything about what im saying wrong. it means you don't easily understand these symbols as well as i do. its not obvious to you, doesn't mean its wrong.
  4. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    Someone please correct him. He's obviously wrong.
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  5. Yacob

    Yacob Banned

    all you are proving is that YOU are wrong and can not accurately or easily perceive whats happening. the fact that whats easily understood is subjective does not mean that's just because its harder for some people to understand, that its not obvious to some. and it doesn't mean the obvious answer only understood by one person is wrong simply because he is the only who can easily understand. the very reason its not obvious to anyone else is because they CANT easily understand. which is why whats obvious to me wont always be obvious to another but if obvious didn't mean correct then whats obvious would be subjective and not objective.

    ok ima spell it out for you like this.
    whats obvious is clear or easily understood. now if its clear to boy 1 and not boy 2 it just means its not obvious to boy 2 he cant perceive it but it IS obvious to boy 1

    boy 2 can guess and speculate but its not clear to him, its complicated which means he may get the wrong answer which means, its not obvious to him even if he THINKS it is.

    so you arnt going to answer the question on how if you say something is obvious and you end up wrong how it was obvious.

    for instance, if im not wrong, "which im not" does it mean that i wasn't obviously wrong? or does it mean that the obviousness was wrong ? I SERIOUSLY WANT TO YOU ANSWER THAT QUESTION.

    because your argument is pretty much, "because you can be wrong about whats obvious, whats obvious is sometimes wrong. its shows you don't understand the definition and i cant even believe this is even an argument. and you even have a like on one of your post. if this isn't bigotry i don't know what is.

    you are talking about what is seemingly obvious or what seems obvious vs what actually is obvious and that's why people sometimes say "it seemed obvious" or "it seemed obvious to me" if obvious wasn't correct or right, then anything that SEEMED obvious would be just as obvious as anything that actually WAS obvious but that's not the case.
    I hop you arnt done with school yet.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016
  6. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    ^ There's no reason to assume that Boy 1 is the right one and Boy 2 is wrong. What's obvious to individual people is 100% objective; it's based on perception. In your example, it's obvious to Boy 1 that something is true, and it is obvious to Boy 2 that what Boy 1 thinks is true is not. Deciding which boy is right would depend on knowing the situation.

    It wasn't obvious. You just thought the answer was.

    I think if you're trying to get an accurate idea if something is obvious or not, you need to question a large group of people. Assuming there's some universal truth, if whatever you're asking about is truly "easily perceived or understood; clear, self-evident, or apparent," then everyone in the group should be able to quickly and easily give the right answer. If people have to think about it, or some people immediately shout out the right answer and some the wrong, then the answer wasn't truly obvious.
  7. Yacob

    Yacob Banned

    yes you are exactly right because whats obvious is correct, if your perceived obvious answer was not correct, then the problem was not obvious.. at least for you.

    in my example, the reason to assume boy #1 is right is because its my example and I made it up and im telling you he is right. so to him he sees something obvious referencing something else and he just happens to be right.

    boy #2 thinks something else is obvious but he is actually wrong. boy #2 is wrong about what is obvious but what is obvious isn't wrong. this is what angel does not get.

    exactly right angel, but we are not talking about what you THINK is obvious. we are talking about what IS obvious. and I think you know that.

    no the seemingly obvious answer to you may not be correct but the obvious answer is indeed the correct one, ask kitty.

    you said something being obvious doesn't make it right

    but then you said that whats obvious to one isn't obvious to another but this implies objectivity not subjectivity because its either obvious or its not. right or wrong. I mean this is like pre k shit, even kitty gets it. no wonder you cant grasp KH clues.
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2016

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