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"Alohomora!" - A Harry Potter Next Gen RP (IC)

Discussion in 'Canon Roleplays (IC)' started by Reira, May 21, 2018.

  1. Reira

    Reira New Member


    The moon reached it's peak in the sky as slow footsteps echoed through the empty halls of Hogwarts. At present, only a handful of living souls were bustling about in various places around the school. A new year was upon them after all, and with it came new students, teachers, and untold secrets just waiting to be revealed. In due time, the students would be arriving at the school in droves, and it was up to the new Headmistress of Hogwarts to ensure it all went smoothly.

    "Headmistress." a soft voice said.

    Silence followed as the footsteps stopped and turned towards the voice. A gust of wind blew dark burgundy hair into the pale blue eyes of a woman that met an identical pair down the Hall.

    "Synestra."' the woman said with a slight furrow to her brow. "You need not call me that, sister."

    Closing the space between them, the other woman smiled softly. "Yes, but its a title that suits you, isn't it Sylvia? You should be happy. Your dream of becoming Headmistress has finally come true. I'm surprised to find you roaming about the halls looking so grim." Sylvia's sister pulled her into a hug and the two stood there, embracing in silence for a long moment before a sigh broke the quiet.

    "I wonder if I really earned this position though. You would have suited it better. You're-"

    A thin finger stopped her words as her sister shook her head. "Don't talk like that. There is no one better suited than you, Sylvia. Besides..." taking a few steps away, Synestra cracked a sly grin. "I won't be able to do what I do best if the world's eyes were on me."

    "Which is what exactly?" the new Headmistress questioned.

    "Oh... you know, this and that."

    In one fluid motion, the form of Sylvia's sister morphed and shrunk into the form of a cat that leapt and bounded its way back down the hall.

    "Synestra, you know I can no longer let you get away with all I did before!" the woman called, sighing as the thin tail vanished around a corner. "That woman..."

    With a toss of her hair, Sylvia Vysarane continued on her path towards her new office, stopping just short of a large Griffin that served as the entrance to all previous Headmaster's offices.

    "Well... It's about time we open our doors."


    Grace sat quietly, one leg crossed over the other and hands folded in her lap as she reveled in the last few minutes of quiet before her duties would begin. Her eyes were closed and she looked rather peaceful leaning back into a large, plush chair situated in the Ravenclaw Common Room. The large decorated windows allowed for ample amounts of moonlight to stream into the dimly lit room, and around her sat five other students.

    "Well, there's nothing left for us to discuss. We're all in agreement with the assignments given to us." a boy said, speaking up. "Grace? As Head Girl, you have the final say in all this."

    Eyes closed, Grace remained still as she spoke, her voice quiet but firm.

    "I don't object, however, seeing as we have two new Prefects this year, I want to make sure they aren't givenmore than they can handle. I want them to accompany the sixth years and share duties, to ensure everything runs smoothly, are we understood?"

    "Yes, ma'am." the five said in unison.

    With a nod, Grace smiled and opened her eyes. Uncrossing her legs, she stood and looked amongst her fellow Prefects. "As you know, I am not one to give out praise... However, I will give credit where credit is due." Pausing, she glanced at the guy who spoke earlier, her Prefect partner so to speak, the Head Boy of Ravenclaw: Jeremy Hawthorn. With a smile, he stood as well.

    "I... and I know I can speak for Jeremy as well when I say this, have come to acknowledge all of you here as fellow intellectuals who share our passion for cultivating and sharing knowledge with others. As it is our final year at Hogwarts, our promise to you is to leave you with the tools you need to continue our work when we're gone. House Ravenclaw nurtures the world's future doctors, scientists, engineers, and much more. It is our duty to ensure that doesn't change."

    Grace paused and looked upon the other faces around her, wondering if she truly would miss them when it was all said and done.

    "Hmph, I know this is out of character for me, so I won't entertain you any further." she said with a cross of her arms. "Go see to your other duties before the first years arrive. I will finish things up here."

    As everyone gave smiles and nods of appreciation, the other Prefects quietly left the room. When she was alone, Grace returned to her seat, sinking back into it and closing her eyes once more. Only a moment later did she feel a sudden something leap onto her. Opening one eye, it took only a moment before she knew who it was. Closing the eye again, she ignored the presence of her Head of House: Synestra Vysarane's cat form. Grace respected the woman but had low tolerance for her childish games.

    A soft mew and purr crushed Grace's cold resolve in an instant, and with a sigh, she raised a hand to the cats head, petting it softly.

    "Don't disturb me. I want to rest a little before things get crazy." Grace spoke, her voice barely a whisper, but no trouble for the cat to hear. The two sat silently after and Grace allowed herself to sleep blissfully and enjoy the calm before the storm.
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  2. Taboo Sho

    Taboo Sho Arlert Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Magical creatures don't take care of themselves, Vanessa! Oh Vanessa, did you check on the magical creatures? Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa! "Ughhh. I swear, if one more person tries to tell me how to do my job again, I'm going to legitimately scream." Vanessa Granger stood beside one of the many magical creatures she tended to and sighed in frustration. As her affinity with both animals and magical creatures alike had peaked an interest in her teacher many years prior, Vanessa had been asked to stay at the school to tend to the creatures during the break. She didn't have much of a reason to go home anyway, both of her adoptive parents were almost always at Hogwarts, so even if she did leave, she wouldn't have much to do. And so stay she did.

    The creatures were certainly all unique, and extraordinary. She had no idea why they were so fond of her, but she never complained. They were beautiful, and full of life... Something she herself had lacked in recent years. Gods, what few friends she had would be arriving soon, and that would just be absolutely grand. They were too loud and bothersome most times, but they certainly had their uses. Specifically, being a fantastical distraction when she needed to not be wherever she was at the time. But again... they were mostly just a nuisance. A means to an end. Not that they needed to know that, of course, she was quite good at pretending she actually cared when in reality, she couldn't give two shits less. Regardless of the circumstances, she was done here for now. The creatures were cared for, and she had to hurry back to clean herself up before everyone else showed up.

    She wasn't sure why, but as she put away the care tools, and made her way out, she couldn't help but think about just what was in store for her. Her dream was in reach this year, there was no doubt about that much at least... But even still, there was so many obstacles in her path. All these other people, who knew nowhere near as much as she did, who scrape by like the rats they are... They were all in her way. All of them. Her classmates were all tools for her to grow and climb further beyond. It was what they had always been. Nobody could understand that with such a lofty goal, sacrifices had to be made... There was no time for friendship, or relationships. There was her, and there was them.

    And they would not stand in her way...

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