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A Sinful Heartache

Discussion in 'Poetry and Lyrics' started by Consilum, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Consilum

    Consilum New Member

    Blast apart the sins through Heaven and Hell,
    Give into the inner-desires that go with this spell.
    Michael and Lucifer know what this contains.
    It’s like black magic — forbidden despite its written restraints.

    If this be lying, then slit my wrists right now.
    If this be truth, then allow me to deliver the wham, bam, POW!
    I swear I’ll cross my eyes, and shut my heart.
    I’ll forever rip and tear the sins that withered us apart.

    The Angels and Demons guide us in two different paths,
    You’re going to get God’s pleasure, and I’ll feel Satan’s wrath.
    I gave into my lust, and you kept your chastity.
    The Angels are singing for you, but it’s not my kind of rhapsody.

    I can accept this as my end as I dug my own grave.
    Betrayed you I did, and nothing to you I gave.
    If the tomorrow is today, and today is the end,
    Then why are Gods and Devils fighting, if mine hasn’t even begun?​
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