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Paranoia God
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Sep 15, 2012
Jun 3, 2012
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Paranoia God

Fuck off

Paranoia God was last seen:
Sep 15, 2012
    1. Noir
      Your title. It's so scary.
    2. Napoléon
      Yes, I seen my set ! Gaara looks mighty sexy XD
      Sorry I took a whole week to reply to this. I'll be editing my avatar and sig in a few moments (:
    3. Destiny
      So you and I need to talk.
    4. NeRo
      Ahh, i see. I heard what happened. Seems extremley trivial but i'll keep my comments and judgement to myself.

      Was nice having you the short time we did.

    5. EtherealSummoner
      ... Seriously. I mean, seriously. You are leaving the forums because of one Gender game... that is supposed to be fun. Honestly? And all that I am trying to do is to solve the confusion and fix the post count? *Sigh*
    6. EtherealSummoner
      ... But you said Next page. Never mind. Forget it. I'll just pretend that this never happened.
    7. EtherealSummoner
      ... *Facepalms with three question mark* So I was cheating... because I told Khroma (Jokingly) to go to bed? Wooow.
    8. EtherealSummoner
      *Facepalm* Then "Which Race" are you talking about? I know almost all of them that we did and the way you are talking, it is not ringining any bells. Mind showing something visual?
    9. EtherealSummoner
      -_- And I know what you meant when you said "Older". you meant the one before last.
    10. EtherealSummoner
      Whatever Gender Game it was, older or whatever, only time I will "cheat
      " is when a girl post the wrong number. That is when I take advantage of it and I do it in the Boys vs. Girls game too. No rules in there anyway so it all for grabs.
    11. EtherealSummoner
      Last Gender race? I didn't even cheat in that! OH YEA! Because the game has questions that gives out bonus points, I am cheating. Oh sure. Put it all on me because the Gender Game is the originator that came before the Boys vs Girls game.
    12. EtherealSummoner
      Complaining? No one is complaining. Well, more like you guys are since you girls are so eager to win that you are Decay try to accuse me of cheating. It is actually annoying when the count is all messed up when everyone is posting every nano second. Mix it in with edits and it is an oil spill.
    13. EtherealSummoner
      Problem: When I was looking back, there were some posts that had the same numbers that still did not get changed. It was what threw me off and when Reprise joined in, everything went chaotic. Doesn't matter if both of you are sitting together doing this, once you have someone else posting, everything messes up.
    14. EtherealSummoner
      -_- You guys are confusing up everything. I post and then the two of you end up positing the same number. There is no system that lets member know who is posting what.
    15. Khroma

      i'm spammminnngggggg :OO

      ...okay. ima go study now ;w;
      i post 2 message n AMB, by the way ^w^
    16. ☂ Lise ☂
      ☂ Lise ☂
      Thanks for understanding. <3
    17. Noir
      Is there also someone in your family younger than you?
    18. Noir
      I see.
      I have only 1brother and he's younger.
      I'm the oldest one :X.
    19. Noir
      Oh I see.
      You have a brother? Older or younger?
    20. Noir
      Hmm, Shimeji?
      Those erm, tiny people idk? something?
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