Websites, games radar and VE3tro have been releasing new screenshots of Birth By Sleep, including those with English subtitles. Check out a few nice shots here.

Image 1: Shows the world, Radiant Gardens, and a King Mickey wielding the StarSeeker keyblade defending a Kairi and Aqua. The caption is King Mickey’s words, which are directed at Aqua to flee with Kairi.

Image 2: Master Xehanort and Terra are standing in front of the staircase in the Land of Departure. The caption depicts Master Xehanort’s words, it seems he is tempting Terra to the darkness.

Image 3: It is The Land of Departure at night and a sky full of stars. Aqua is holding three wayfinders. Her caption denotes her making three good luck charms presuming one goes to each Ventus, Aqua and Terra.

Image 4: Terra, Aqua, and Ventus are staring up at the sky in the Keyblade Graveyard.

Image 5: Terra and Aqua are fighting to prove their mark of mastery.

Image 6: Mickey, wielding the Starseeker keyblade, and Terra are at Yen Sid’s Tower. Mickey is activating his star shard in order to travel between worlds.

Birth By Sleep Photos

Birth by Sleep Kairi Aqua Mickey Radiant Garden

Birth by Sleep Terra Xehanort Land of Departure

Birth by Sleep Land of Departure Aqua Wayfinders

Birth by Sleep Terra Aqua Ventus Keyblade Graveyard

Birth by Sleep Terra and Aqua Mark of Mastery

Birth by Sleep Terra Mickey Yen Sid's Town