The mobile Final Fantasy game on iOS, Android and Steam, Mobius Final Fantasy celebrates its first year of service. Throughout the month of August, Square Enix will be having many in-game giveaways for their over a million global players. The giveaways are as follows:

  • Anniversary Greater Summon – Players can perform one Greater Summon at no cost
  • Daily Free Summons – Players will be able to summon one card for free every day for the entire month.
  • Special Login Bonus – Players who log in during the month can receive up to 14 free summon tickets and two Growstars
  • Mobius Week – Players will receive Mobius Day bonuses from today to 8, such as double stamina received from Elixirs, increased fusion success rate, an increased chance of unlocking extra skills and a skillseed bonus for all elements in the exploration regions.
  • Magicite Purchase Campaign – Players can receive 50% extra magicite for up to eight purchases.

Recent key enhancements include:

  • More Magicite – In addition to login bonuses and daily missions, players can now obtain Magicite from enemies in battle that can be used to buy more items and obtain new cards.
  • Card Summon Enhancements – Greater Ability Summons have been overhauled so that new cards will be easier to obtain.
  • Ability Card Updates – Unlocking and augmenting cards have lower requirements, making it easier than ever.

Also, take a look at the Dev Team message from Director Motomu Toriyama, Composer Mitsuto Suzuki, Battle Planner Takashi Shiraga, and Producer Yoshinori Kitase