Master Xehanort Hospitalized

 Leonard Nimoy - Master Xehanort | Master Xehanort Hospitalized

The voice actor for Master Xehanort, Leonard Nimoy, also known for portraying Captain Spock on the science fiction TV series, Star Trek, has been hospitalized. The culprit? Severe chest pains. On February 19th, a Thursday, he was transported to UCLA Medical Center, and for the past several months, Nimoy has been in and out of hospitals, possibly due to symptoms of C.O.P.D., a group of lung diseases that blocks the airflow making it difficult to breathe. There has not been word of anything life threatening, but should Square Enix North America be looking for a new voice actor for Master Xehanort? What do you think?! Regardless of the outcome, we here at KHPlanet, wish Spock / Master Xehanort the best in his recovery.

UPDATE: It seems that Leonard Nimoy died the following day in Bel Air, California. The cause of death C.O.P.D. Condolences to the friends, family, and the fans of Leonard Nimoy. R.I.P.

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