Kingdom Hearts Union X is the sequel/update to Kingdom Hearts Unchained and picks up the story from where it left off in Kingdom Hearts X the japan exclusive Browser game. the story starts as usual in the station of awakening and from there you choose and customize your avatar, after which you learn of your past and more of the history of the world of kingdom hearts. Progress through levels and defeat heartless to earn lux to level up your character.

The game is very simple in execution, simple tap on the screen to move/open chests and attack enemies, swiping across the screen results in attack in all the enemies. This game unlike the console games employs a turn-based battle system using medals that represents different attacks and attributes.

The game features a stamina system known as ability points, these allow you to enter quests and enter raids where you team up with other players to defeat raid bosses to earn rare rewards. With the Union Cross update a new mode simply called Union Cross allows you to team up with five other players as a party and complete special quests.

This is nice enjoyable game and is nice for playing on the bus or in the library or study hall. If you are looking for something fun to play on your smartphone or tablet, then I would recommend this.