I’ve felt the need to address this “Save Error” because I’ve spent days myself grappling with it and I’ve seen plenty of comments about it as well. At the end of this post, there is a too long; didn’t read version of the post for my impatient readers. Note: Fixing this error can be time consuming and may require the purchase of a micro SD Card. Also, this post applies to Android phones since iPhones don’t have micro SD slots. So here’s what you have to understand.

  1. You have to have enough memory.

[1] If you don’t have enough memory on your device, you should just give up now. No amount of uninstalling or hopeful thinking can change the physical capabilities of your device. Think of it this way: You’re device has two cubbies and you have three cubbies worth of stuff. It all just won’t fit!

So how much memory space, do you need? About 1.2 GB! I recommend more, because apps can grow and consume more space.

Maybe, you’re device has 4GB worth of space (like mine), but you’re only allowed 1 GB of available space because 3 GB is already occupied. Well, you could uninstall apps, delete images, and ringtones, etc until you have enough space. But if you’re unfortunate like I am, I factory resetted my device ( which means deleting everything only leaving behind the factory default apps and software ). It still wasn’t enough. Then either you have to buy a micro SD card ( if you have the slot ) or use the one you already have.

  1. Get a micro SD Card.

Great! You have a micro SD Card, so clearly you have enough memory now, but you still get the error. That’s because apps are installed on internal memory/storage/RAM. This complicates everything! Because Android OS doesn’t give you the privilege to move the app to the micro SD Card ( maybe some of it, but not the part we need ). Therefore, you must:


The hardest and most time consuming process is rooting your device. All phones are different, so you have to root to your specific device. Rooting allows administrator access to your phone ( basically that means you can delete, add, and modify everything ) through apps. Simply Google “How to Root” and your phone model and name and follow the steps. Likely, you’ll need a PC/Laptop and a cable to connect your phone and laptop to root. WARNING: Rooting voids your phone warranty and there is a possibility that it could ruin your phone, but the odds are really not likely.

Once you root your phone, the hard work is over. Just download these two apps from Google App Store: AParted and Apps2SD. First, we must partition your SD card ( basically, we’re dividing up memory ). WARNING: This deletes everything on the card, so save your stuff before you do it. Open AParted. Partition all the memory on the SD Card to FAT32.

Now Download Kingdom Hearts Unchained X if not done already! Open Apps2SD. Find the KHUX app, click Link/Unlink. Then you can either link all the files or just the “link data folder”. Then OK. Now you have successfully moved the KHUX app to the micro SD Card.

Now you’re ready to download the game! Open Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. Then go through the download process, and you shouldn’t receive the save error anymore because the 1.11 GB of additional app data is being stored on your micro SD Card. I actually went through this process, so I’m sure this works!

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Save Error (tl;dr)

The Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Save Error is caused because you don’t have enough memory space. You need roughly 1.2 GB of free space!

  1. Do you have enough space?
  2. Have you tried deleting images, apps, music, and other files?

Alternative: If you have a micro SD Card, you have enough space, but you must do the following:

  1. Root your device
  2. Partition your SD Card ( via AParted app )
  3. Move KHUX to the SD Card ( via Apps2SD app )