At Tokyo Game Show, another title was introduced by Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts for PC.

KH13 has translated passages from “Message from the Kingdom” involving Kingdom Hearts for PC.

Kingdom Hearts for PC Browser

(tentative name)

We introduce the series first social game intended for PC browsers. Controlling your own character, players will be able to travel through various Disney worlds on their internet browser. In the game you will advance by strategically battling with cards you obtain. At times you may need the help of a friend to fight against a foe. In this way we are introducing a new work with a system like nothing else in the series before. The adventure is fully loaded with item collections you build, and a game that will give you a long time of enjoyment.


It is the world of a distant fairy-tale.
The world is full of light.
Various worlds are born in that light and so the light envelopes them.
From the source of Kingdom Heart’s light, there is a x-blade that is protected.
To that limit, the worlds believed in the eternal light.
However, a strong light creates a dark shadow.
From that darkness, anxiety and fear awakened their desire.
With the darkness hidden within the depths of their hearts awakened, chaos began to spread across the worlds.
In order to stop the spread of darkness, those who seek the light created a copy of the x-blade, a Keyblade, and an adventure concerning the fate of the worlds began.


Made to be played on the PC browser, the series first social game for the PC has been introduced.
With the players main character, you can customize your avatar, travel to various Disney worlds, and much more. Explore each location for items so you can assemble cards and battle for victory or defeat.
This game has developed a truly new and novel system. Occasionally you will need your friends help to kill an enemy so they can join in the fun!

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