Kingdom Hearts 2 Volume 10 will be the final volume in Shiro Amano’s Kingdom Hearts 2 manga adaptation. But don’t let that get you down, about 12 years is a good run. So to commemorate this special occasion, the last Kingdom Hearts 2 colored centerfold was made available through Gan Gan Comic’s main site as a Kingdom Hearts 2 Wallpaper, featuring the latest and greatest character hits from Kingdom Hearts 2. The Kingdom Hearts 2 wallpaper shortly made its way online after volume 10 was featured in this month’s Shonen Gangan. You can download the wallpaper below or visit Square Enix Gangan.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Wallpaper

Kingdom Hearts 2 Wallpaper Volume 10 1024 X 768 01
1024 X 768

Kingdom Hearts 2 Wallpaper Volume 10 1280 X 1024 02
1280 X 1024

Kingdom Hearts 2 Wallpaper Volume 10 1920 X 1200 03
1920 X 1200

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