KH3D and FF13

Kingdom Hearts production is in full swing over in Japan and Tetsuya Nomura has recently had an interview with the highly regarded Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu. He haskh3d and ff13 stated that the 3DS title, Dream Drop Distance “is in 40%-50% production.” Meanwhile, another Japanese magazine called Jump has revealed that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is 70% completed with very little chance of being delayed for its Fall 2011 release date. Nomura, also stated, this month that Final Fantasy XIII Versus is almost in full production.

Easy Mode on Final Fantasy XIII for PS3

Many have found Final Fantasy XIII and with the release of the easy mode on the Japanese Xbox 360 version, beforewise, that solved the solution for many fans of the series. However, this was a Japanese exclusive, as usual.kh3d and ff13 Now, there will be a new patch for PS3 users on Final Fantasy XIII with the easy mode attached, according to the director of the game, Akira Toriyama. It is unknown whether or not this patch will be unveiled for international release. It is a clear sign, on the other hand, that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have this feature much like the inclusion of the critical mode in Birth By Sleep, which was first on Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix.

5 Things You May Not Know About Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • 1) Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have interactive elements with its characters much like the Dragon Age games. You can talk to the characters and your choices will affect how the character responds and feels. This is called the Dialog Tree System.
  • 2) Final Fantasy XIII-2 will have multiple endings depending on which side quests and decisions you take. It may make a boss battle easier or may even skip it all together.
  • 3) The “New Game +” feature allows he or she to begin a new game with all the skills and items they have unlocked.
  • 4) Final Fantasy XIII-2 has not affected Versus’ production schedule in anyway, according to Toriyama as he spoke to reporters during E3 2011.
  • 5) DLC has been planned from the beginning of Final Fantasy XIII-2’s production.
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