Fire Emblem Warriors is a hack and slash adventure game by Nintendo and Koei Tecmo. It is the newest addition to the Fire Emblem series and the latest game to be re-imagined with the Dynasty Warriors game mechanics.

What I mean by this is that you face hordes of enemies and hack and slash your way through them to capture bases and strongholds and defeating captains and generals this results in completing the stage. However, this game also features many of the mechanics fire emblem fans love from the main titles, such as the weapon triangle (swords trump axes which trump spears which trumps swords). It also features the character classes, and support conversations and let’s not forget the pairing up feature. Mastering and learning these features will help turn the tide of battle.

This is an amazing game and shows your favorite characters in a whole new light, giving their special attacks new pizzazz. I loved this game from start to finish and am still playing it whenever I can, just like the previous similar title Hyrule Warriors. This game is great for potentially introducing new players into the Fire Emblem world and giving them a taste of the lore and characters they may have heard of from friends or played briefly as in Smash Brothers. I would highly recommend this game however i am told that a lot of the game can become repetitive but that does not take away from the experience of playing this lovely hack and slash.