Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t revealed much, but it is hard to find everything that you want to know about the game. Luckily, I’ve collected every news article, interview, image, and video that I could possibly find on Kingdom Hearts 3, and placed every shred of information into this one-shot post. For my lazy readers, I’ve condensed this first page into a “tl;dr” version of the overall post, so everything we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 is at your fingertips. If you realize how much work went into this, maybe you’ll share this post or at the very least read the whole thing! There’s plenty of images, gifs, and sourced information to spice things up. Note: If there is an asterisk near a name that indicates the naming does not represent its actual in-game name i.e. I made the name up. Enough talk more Kingdom Hearts 3:

Kingdom Hearts 3 Logo


“Believing light and darkness must remain in balance, Master Xehanort seeks to spark war against the ‘tyranny of light’ to restore equilibrium.

In an effort to undermine Xehanort’s plot, Sora, Donald and Goofy search for seven guardians of light and the “Key to Return Hearts,” while King Mickey and Riku search for previous Keyblade wielders.”

—Kingdom Hearts III press release


Director: Tetsuya Nomura
Co-Director: Tai Yasue
Producer: Shinji Hashimoto
Producer: Rie Nishi
Composer: Yoko Shimomura
Square Enix’s 1st Production Department


Jun 10 2013 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Announcement E3 2013 Trailer
Oct 15 2013 | Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Expo Japan Trailer
Jun 04 2014 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Scene | E3 2014 [Source]
Jun 24 2014 | Kingdom Hearts 3 High Resolution Images [image1] [image2]
Dec 01 2014 | Kingdom Hearts 3 footage at Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Launch Event [Source]
Jun 16 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2015 Trailer
Jun 16 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled Announcement Trailer
Jun 25 2015 | Sora’s New Outfit Render [Source]
Aug 16 2015 | Big Hero 6 confirmed as Kingdom Hearts 3 World
Dec 18 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Jump Festa Trailer
Oct 27 2016 | Sora’s New Guard Form and Keyblade Transformation Herc’s Shield


KH3 will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One [Source]
KH3 release date already determined [Source]
KH3 will start immediately after KH3D [Source]
KH3 will be developed in Unreal Engine 4 [Source]
KH3 will use Kingdom Shaders (‘Express Disney’s 2D brushwork in 3D.’) [Source]
KH3 will feature mostly new Disney Worlds [Source]
KH3 marks the final chapter of the “Dark Seeker” Saga including Organization XIII [Source]
KH3 will be developed by Square Enix’s 1st Production Department [Source]
KH3 will have new Heartless [Source]
KH3 will have new Keyblades [Source]
KH3 will give Sora and Riku new outfits [Source]
KH3 will not be the last installment in the series [Source]
KH3 map load time will be seamless [Source]
KH3 will not have Reaction Commands [Source]
KH3 will have a Secret Movie [Source]
KH3 will have Sidequests [Source]


Jun 11 2013 | Kingdom Hearts 3 – Square Enix Presents [Source]
Jun 12 2013 | Square Enix Channel (Hiroki Yasumoto interviews Tetsuya Nomura)
Jun 12 2013 | Tetsuya Nomura Interview by Famitsu
Jun 14 2013 | Dengeki Interview with Tetsuya Nomura
Jun 19 2013 | KH3 in Famitsu 7/4 Issue [Source]
Jun 20 2013 | Edge Online interviews Director of Kingdom Hearts
Jul 07 2013 | Tetsuya Nomura with Finaland and FFDream
Jul 08 2013 | KHDestiny and KHIsland interviews Tetsuya Nomura
Jul 16 2013 | RPG Site interview with Director Tetsuya Nomura
Jul 23 2013 | LA Times and Tetsuya Nomura
Oct 16 2013 | Conversation with Creators Interview
Jun 13 2014 | Dengeki PlayStation interviews Tai Yasue
Jul 12 2014 | Tai Yasue Interview – Kingdom Hearts 3 switches to Unreal Engine 4
Aug 16 2014 | Tai Yasue Interview with MeriStation
Sep 24 2014 | Famitsu and Tetsuya Nomura Interview
Jun 16 2015 | Destroid Talk with Nomura and Yasue
Jun 17 2015 | Engadget Interviews Tetsuya Nomura
Jun 19 2015 | 4Chan Interview on Nomura
Jun 20 2015 | Dengeki Interview with Nomura-san
Jun 20 2015 | Tetsuya Nomura Interview at E3 2015
Jun 24 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3: 8 Things You Need To Know
Jun 24 2015 | Famitsu interviews Nomura-san
Jun 25 2015 | Dengeki Interview on Kingdom Hearts 3
Dec 25 2015 | Square Enix Blog – Nomura Interview


All keyblades are capable of Keyblade Transformation, which is a new game mechanic that changes the Keyblade entirely, whether into another weapon or vehicle. Sora learned it following the Mark of Mastery Exam. The Keyblade Transformations are provided within the parenthesis. Check the Weapons section for more information

  • Keyblades
    • Kingdom Key
    • Star Keyblade (Two Shoot Blaster)*
    • Olympus Keyblade (Pegasus’s Chariot)*
  • Shields
    • Knight’s Shield
  • Staffs
    • Mage’s Staff


Magic seems to have two casting options in Kingdom Hearts 3. Standard magic from previous Kingdom Hearts games and a motion-based magic that can be casted while using the free-run feature. Note: This is purely speculated, but seems to be accurate from recent trailers and interviews on free-run. Magic also has real-time effects such as Aero magic leaving impressions in the grass or a blizzard spell leaving behind a trail of ice. Check the Magic section for more information.

  • Confirmed Magic
    • Fire Magic
    • Blizzard Magic
    • Aero Magic
    • Cure Magic (Shortcut Menu)
  • Speculated Magic
    • Water Magic

-Attraction Flow-

Attraction Flow is a new game mechanic that allows Sora to summon amusement park rides based on those at Disney World / Land. It also allows the selection of techniques that respond to enemies and locations. It has techniques particularly rich in individuality during boss battles. It’s one of the core gameplay elements of KH3, evolved from KH3D’s Flowmotion. Check the Attraction Flow section for more information.

  • Big Magic Mountain
  • Pirate Ship
  • Shooting Ride
  • Mad Tea Party*

-Free Run-

Free Run allows Sora to perform various actions on platforms and enemies. Can be used in combination with various other game mechaniscs. Check the Free Run section for more information.


Shotlock Commands were introduced in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and have made a return for Kingdom Hearts 3. The following names are made-up by myself since an actual name has not been announced. Check the Shotlock section for more information.

  • Scattershot*
  • Blue Flicker*


Abilities are skills that characters can perform within normal gameplay and outside of gameplay. Check the Abilities Section for more information.

  • Glide
  • Dodge Roll
  • Block / Guard
  • Goofy Brigade*


KH3 will have Keyblade Transformation [Source]
KH3 will have Attraction Flow [Source]
KH3 will have Shotlock Commands [Source]
KH3 will have more Elaborate & Cooperative AIs (Enemies, Party Members and NPCs) [Source]
KH3 will have Summons [Source]
KH3 will have a Free Run feature [Source]
KH3 will allow party members to invite the player to combination attacks [Source]
KH3 will have Flowmotion


Worlds are mostly new Disney Worlds and others are returning Original Worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series. Check the Worlds section for more information.

  • Confirmed Worlds
    • Cable Town [Source]
    • Twilight Town
    • Mysterious Tower
    • Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)
    • Mount Olympus (Hercules)*
    • San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)*
  • Speculated Worlds
    • Destiny Islands

-Allies / Party Members-

Other Playable Characters are speculated to be a part of Kingdom Hearts 3 but haven’t been confirmed as of yet. The following are confirmed Disney allies and the possibility of other characters being playable and / or party members. Check the Allies Section for more information.

  • Confirmed Allies
    • Donald
    • Goofy
    • Rapunzel
    • Baymax
  • Speculated Allies
    • Riku
    • Mickey


There are essentially three confirmed categories of enemies in Kingdom Hearts 3: Disney based enemies, Heartless and Nobodies. All other enemies have yet to be confirmed. A few enemy names are made up by myself since an official name has not been released. Check Enemies section for more information.

  • Disney-based
    • Rock Titan
    • Baymax (Evil)
  • Heartless
    • Shadows
    • Soldiers
    • Large Body
    • Gladiators (Bull Heartless)*
    • Dandelions (Flower Heartless)*
    • Red Quiver (Archer Heartless)*
    • Beak Soldiers (Bird Heartless)*
    • Blue Lagoons (Sea Creature Heartless)*
    • Purple Lullaby (Music Heartless)*
    • Golden Arpeggio (Music Heartless)*
    • Vehicle Enemy [Source]
  • Nobodies
    • Marluxia’s Pedal Nobodies *

-Seven Guardians of Light-

The Seven Guardians of Light are destined to clash with the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness at the location of the first Keyblade War. This battle will reforge the X-blade and bring forth Kingdom Hearts. “On that land shall darkness prevail and light expire?”. Currently, these individuals are composed of Keyblade Wielders. The speculated members were hinted at in various secret videos and trailers.

  • Confirmed Light
    • Sora
    • Riku
    • Mickey
  • Speculated Light
    • Kairi
    • Lea (Axel)
    • Roxas
    • Ventus
    • Aqua
    • Terra

-Thirteen Seekers of Darkness-

The Thirteen Seekers of Darkness are destined to clash with the Seven Guardians of Light at the location of the first Keyblade War. This battle will reforge the X-blade and bring forth Kingdom Hearts. “On that land shall darkness prevail and light expire?”. They also are known as the True Organization XIII and represent various incarnations of Xehanort and harbor fragments of his heart. The speculated Darknesses have been hinted at in recent trailers.

  • Confirmed Darkness
    • Master Xehanort
    • Young Xehanort
    • Ansem (Seeker of Darkness)
    • Xemnas
    • Xigbar (Braig)
    • Saix (Isa)
  • Speculated Darkness
    • Marluxia
    • Demyx
    • Luxord
    • Larxene
    • Vanitas
    • Terra


KH3 was previously developed on Luminous Studios
Official Kingdom Hearts 3 Website (Japan)
Kingdom Hearts 3 International Website
Kingdom Hearts 3 XBOX ONE Page
Sora unlocked the Keyblades true strength during the Mark of Mastery [Source]
Kingdom Hearts X’s story will connect to Kingdom Hearts 3 [Source]

-Speculations / Possibilities-

KH3 will most likely include Final Fantasy Characters [Source]
KH3 could possibly incorporate Pixar, Marvel, and/or LucasFilm [Source]
KH3 might have multiplayer functionalities [Source]
KH3 could include other playable characters [Source]
KH3 could have voice commands [Source]
KH3 could use the touch pad on PS4 controllers [Source]
KH3 could have Drive Forms [Source]

-Official Images-

Kingdom Hearts 3 LogoKH3 High Res ImageKingdom Hearts 3 Sora New Outfit Sora versus Heartless SwormKH3 Sora versus ShadowsKH3 Young XehanortKH3 Pirate Ship Attraction FlowKH3 Shooting Ride Attraction FlowKH3 High Res ImageKH3 Sora and TangledKH3 Two Shoot BlasterKH3 Sora, Baymax and Heartless Baymax Big Hero 6


Jun 10 2013 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Announcement E3 2013 Trailer
Jun 04 2014 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Scene | E3 2014 [Source]
Jun 16 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2015 Trailer
Jun 16 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Tangled Announcement Trailer
Aug 16 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Big Hero 6 Announcement Trailer
Dec 18 2015 | Kingdom Hearts 3 Jump Festa Trailer